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Founder / Executive Producer

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Lisa is the proud founder of westmorelandfilms – a thriving, female-owned production company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. There’s always a challenge to be met in the world of commercial advertising with complex budgets, high-pressure stakes, and big personalities – so Lisa founded westmorelandfilms to help her clients calmly navigate those waters with ease while delivering excellence along the way.

When she’s not producing, she loves to travel.


Production Manager

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Emily once broke her ankle skydiving. Now, she lives a slightly milder yet surely adventurous life navigating film shoots and waterways.


With over 10 years of experience in film production, she is our in-house Production Manager at Westmoreland Films. When she’s not at her computer, she’s likely out on her paddle board exploring those waterways – tracking beaver activity or photographing a Great Blue Heron as it catches fish.

But don’t worry, if you want to talk budgets or boom poles, she’ll still answer on her handy Apple watch – but be warned – you might not be able to get off the call without hearing about the wildlife observations of the day.

Caroline Allen

Assistant Production Coordinator

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Caroline fell in love with production at a young age—in elementary school she could often be found directing her siblings around in the backyard to create her cinematic masterpieces. Since then, she has gained experience from working in various different industries, from event management and film festivals to photography and media production. Working in production, she loves meeting new people and learning new things.


When she’s not working, she stays busy hiking and snapping photos, whipping up something in the kitchen, enjoying the performing arts, or just hanging out with a good book. She’s never met an activity she doesn’t like or a challenge she doesn’t try to tackle!

Abigail Woodall

Production Assistant

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Growing up, it wasn’t a normal afternoon if Abigail and her older sister weren’t writing, directing, and producing movies in their playroom. Webkinz and Littlest Pet Shop productions circa 2006 were at their peaks in the Woodall household. Years later, Abigail’s interest and excitement for film production accelerated while studying Film and Digital Media at Wofford College. Aside from production, her growing expertise also covers social media development and writing. This new kid on the block is always eager to be on set to learn, gain experience, and be an all-star Production Assistant.


When she’s not tackling social media or assisting in production, Abigail enjoys spending time in her not-so-glamorous mountain town with her dad and sisters (not the human ones, but her dad’s beloved dog-daughters).